Village News

5 Sept 2020

Roadworks on the A85 at Bonaw Brae and Dunria Bend

Work commences on 14th September 4 weeks.

Please see attached link for information on upcoming roadworks.


1 Sept 2020

Neish Island Discs – September 2020 - as published in the Villagers magazine

Harry & Hillary’s Playlist – not in any discernible order!



1: Music, John Miles

2: American Pie, Don McLean

3: Teddy Bears Picnic, Henry Hall & his Orchestra


4: Firebird, Lynyrd Skynyrd.


5: Where do you go to my lovely, Peter Sarstedt.


6: Baker Street, Gerry Rafferty


7: Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen


8: Be Not Too Hard, Joan Baez


9: Kayleigh, Marillion


10: Frankie, Sister Sledge



4 Aug 2020

August Villagers Magazine now online

Hello All,

The August copy of the magazine online at this link.

In addition to our normal local news from the 4 Villages and other regular content, you will find the results of the recent survey completed by you, our readership. The Editorial staff are digesting the preferences, comments and suggestions therein to determine the best future for the Magazine going forward. 

Thank you



30 July 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Phase 3: Scotland's route map update – 30 July 2020

An update to Scotland's Route Map, setting out further phase 3 changes, including the full and safe re-opening of schools can be viewed HERE.


13 July 2020

Fibreoptic Broadband in St Fillans

The west end of the village is now in a plan to get Fibreoptic Broadband (FTTC - Fibre to the Cabinet) from The Kopje to Tighna Craig inclusive.  From our experience of the progress made in the east end of the village, the realisation is probably still several months away. This schematic will be updated as progress is made. Don


13 June 2020


Dear Friends

As a family we would like to thank you all so much for your love, support and for coming to bid farewell to our beloved Eric  /  Dad as he passed through the village for the last time.  He was proud to be part of this special community.

We are overwhelmed by all the donations, cards, messages, flowers, meals, cakes …. the list goes on. The kindness you have shown makes these difficult days easier to bear. 

With much love,

Lorna, Malcolm, Roslyn, Allison, Stuart and the rest of the family *

Over £1,188 raised so far.


8 May 2020


75 years ago today the guns fell silent at the end of the war in Europe. To mark this significant occasion in St Fillans, Ruth has collated contributions from valued members of our community, detailing some of their wartime memories and experiences along with an account from 'The Old Croc' about how the Parish of Dundurn celebrated victory.

A sincere thanks to all the villagers who have contributed.

Please click HERE to open the contributions in a new window.


24 March 2020

Reach Out Group

Good Day Villagers,

You will, I hope, all have seen the fliers put through everyone’s door regarding  assistance available from the St Fillans Reach Out Group, which was set up under the overview of the Community Council to try to respond to folks’ needs (particularly the self-isolating) in the present climate of Covid-19 uncertainty. That flier provided some initial points of contact, who are happy to provide support and assistance as indicated.

Since then, additional offers of specific assistance, particularly with food shopping and delivery, have been made and circulated by Liam in our Village Store, and from the proprietors of both our Hotels.

All these offers including the ability to phone the individuals whose phone numbers were listed in the original flier remain valid and that is not expected to change going forward while the Virus is still a threat.

However, this Community Support can be further enhanced and made speedier by drawing more Villagers into this Reach Out initiative. Let me explain how it might work.

The original Group who met (at 2 metre spacing!!) to discuss what could be done to help was only 7 strong. Initial decisions were immediately made, one of which was that a fast and reliable messaging system between them was essential. That was immediately set up and its creation speeded up the development of the Reach Out flier from concept, through printing and through your letterboxes within 72 hours of the meeting.

The Communications Tool we used is called WhatsApp, which is already well known and used within the Village.  For those not familiar with WhatsApp, it is a mobile phone app which allows any member of a Group to almost instantly message every other member of the same Group. Accessed through your mobile phone, it also utilises internet and so avoids problems caused by a poor mobile signal, which we know only too well in some areas of the Village particularly when indoors. It is also essentially cost free to anyone who has a reasonably modern mobile phone (either Android or IOS operating system) holding a Sim Card with a modest data allocation and a home internet service.

It is simple to use – if you can send a text message on a phone, then you can also WhatsApp! As an example of how it might work if expanded, let’s say Mrs X required a prescription to be collected from Comrie. As presently set up per the flier, this could be achieved by a phone call to one of the Volunteers listed therein. This would prompt them to send a WhatsApp message to the Group and if someone is in or is planning to pass through Comrie they would respond again via WhatsApp to say they could do it and deliver it. This information would currently not filter back to Mrs X unless and until the Volunteer who received the original request was able to call Mrs X back. Now before anyone says you can’t just waltz into a Pharmacy and pick up someone else’s prescription, I know. You need another bit of information. Usually the address will do, but sometimes a DoB is requested. That detail will be overcome as we proceed.

Getting back to the crux of the problem and the solution described above, there are too many steps involved. Accordingly, logic suggests that we should open the WhatsApp Group to the whole Village. A Group can take up to 256 members so the Village should comfortably fit.

To use the same example, if Mrs X was able to join the Group, she could WhatsApp her need instantly to the whole Group and if someone was available to accommodate her, they would confirm via WhatsApp. That confirmation would go to directly to Mrs X and to every other member of the Group so everyone else would know the need had been satisfied.

I hope I have explained the benefit of being part of this Group satisfactorily. I would also like to say, that although the Group was set up with the limited objectives already described, it has already, and will continue, to develop in a broader sense and be used to tackle other issues and opportunities. For instance, Ruth Graham yesterday advised that she had just trimmed her Rosemary plants and if anybody wanted some, they should contact her. I duly took some cuttings and very good they look too! In more normal times, it could also be pressed into service to aid folk getting in and out of Comrie given the reduced Bus Service.

The Community Council endorses the practicality and use of this Tool and I would encourage anyone who wishes to take part to join. It will enable you not just to request help but to offer it. Definitely a two-way street!

So, please consider becoming part of the Village Reach Out effort.  Simply send me an E Mail at You will need to provide me with your mobile phone number, but that will not be generally visible across the Group.

If you are unsure of how to activate WhatsApp on your mobile, log your mobile on to

where it will/should be immediately available to download at no charge.

If you are unsure of whether your phone is capable of handling it, you can still try to download it as above – it will either download or tell you it has failed.  If the latter happens or you still have a problem, send me the make and model of the phone and I will check its spec to see what is possible or find someone cleverer than me to do that if I get stuck.

IOS requires version 9 or later (the most current is v 13). Android requires version 4.0.3 or later (the most current is v 10). Older versions are not supported.

Stay Well!



23 March

Village Store and comrie Butchers

Hello villagers

Claire has spoken to Comrie Butcher. You can now place your orders at the Village Store and either collect from here or have delivery to your door.

Prices will remain unchanged for the customer and the Village Store will get a small commission for any orders placed with us.




22 March 2020

The Four Seasons Hotel

Hi all,

I am happy to take orders and place them through my wholesalers who will deliver to St Fillans. They cover chilled, frozen, dry and chemicals and can deliver on Mon/Wed/Fri. Please give 48 hours notice.

As you know I am unable to provide deliveries due to no car for the moment but am now in a position to offer a day-time drive-thru facility for a limited menu of drinks, soup and sandwiches - perfect for a picnic today!

I can also provide off sales for those who run out of alcohol (can't imagine anyone in St Fillans doing that!!)

Also seem to have a lot of eggs so if anyone in need of eggs, they should pop round - I won't get through what I have!

Could I also mention that it has been brought to my attention that some of the cottage cleaning companies are not in a position to provide cleaning services. I have a housekeeper available to assist should it be of interest to anyone.

All the above of course subject to availability...

Kind regards, Sue

Susan F Stuart, Director

The Four Seasons Hotel (Perthshire) Limited, Lochside, St Fillans, PH6 2NF

T - 01764 685333

F - 01764 685444

E -

W -


19 March 2020

St Fillans Reach Out Group


24 February 2020

Stagecoach East Scotland Local Bus Service Revisions as from 24 February 2020

Stagecoach services are in black. Those in the red font are connecting minibus services betweeen St Fillans and Comrie on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays only.

Monday to Friday:

St Fillans



Perth Bus Station



06:45 / 06:50



08:23 / 08:27

08:42 / 09:00*



12:11 / 12:16

12:35 / 12:40



12:41 / 13:16

13:35 / 13:40



14:11 / 14:16

14:35 / 14:36**



14:41 / 15:16***

15:35 / 15:40






* change at Crieff to 15A bus from Stirling only on Non-school days

**  change at Crieff to 15A bus from Stirling.

*** only on Non-school days


St Fillans



Perth Bus Station














Monday to Friday:

Perth Inveralmond Estate Opp. Depot



St Fillans





Perth Kinnoull Street



St Fillans






10:43 / 10:46

11:06 / 11:41



11:43 / 11:46

12:06 / 12:11



12:43 / 12:46

13:06 / 13:41



13:43 / 13:46

14:06 / 14:11


15:00 / 15:05*

15:43 / 15:55



non schoolday


Perth Kinnoull Street



St Fillans


07:08 / 07:11




18:08 / 18:11




21:56 / 21:58



The Saturday night return service to and from Comrie and Crieff will still operate.

You can also View and Print the above timetable in a pdf file by clicking HERE

If you spot any errors, please email me HERE and I'll correct. Don


1 January 2020

Bin Collection dates for 2020

Collection dates returned to normal on 6 JANUARY.  


14 November 2019

St Fillans - Best 9 hole Course in Scotland - Scottish Golf Tourism Awards

Members and visitors to St Fillans Golf Club have been so delighted with the presentation of the course during 2019 by green-keeper John Myles, that when  the opportunity arose to support a Scotland-wide poll, most of them expressed their support for this local club. A few weeks ago the club committee were advised that they were one of the top four 9 hole clubs in Scotland and at a prestigious presentation evening held at the Fairmont, St Andrew’s, the club were officially presented with the “Best 9 hole Course” award. Other awards went to Carnoustie, St Andrews’s and Trump Aberdeen courses.

2019 has been a good year at St Fillans with increased membership and visitor numbers after several years of decline, and it’s hoped that the recent award will bring along extra visitors in 2020. The club offers a great membership package – simply email for details.



10 November 2019

Thank you

On behalf of the members of Dundurn Church a grateful ‘thank you’ to all in the Garden Group who joined us and helped with our big clear–up outside the church on Saturday. We shall let you know when we are ready for the next session!

And now to the ‘Knit and Natter Group’ and their incredible poppy knitting efforts which transformed the church today for our Remembrance Service. The cascade of poppies and the doves of peace tableau are stunningly beautiful and will remain in place throughout this week. The church is open every day, so please come in and view this tribute to those who gave so much that we might live in freedom and peace.

Elma Brierley

30 October 2019

Community Coo for Loch Earn BLiSS trail at Crieff Cowches Auction

Have you “herd”? Two of the 11 cow shaped designer benches from Crieff Succeeds unique summer art trail have mooved to Loch Earn to join the award winning BLISS trail, following an auction in aid of Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance, at Crieff Hydro on October 9th.

Having collaborated with Loch Earn residents and community groups to fund a collective bid sum in advance, BLiSS trail innovators Loch Earn Tourism Information (LETi) were prepared on arrival at the auction dinner held in Crieff Hydro’s Melville Hall.

After failing to win MacGregor by June McEwan (fittingly won by Crieff Highland Gathering), the LETi Loch Earn bid team persevered to win not one but two cowches on budget.  

Moodnight Meadow” by Perthshire ceramic artist Ceri White. The dark aubergine cowch has mirrored tile horns with a gold fringe, hooves and markings. Designed to represent the beauty of the countryside by moonlight, her new luxury paddock is the grassy verge overlooking Loch Earn, opposite The Four Seasons Hotel in St Fillans. 

Artist Ceri describes herself as a night owl, aware of how astonishing the landscape is by moonlight. Her humour and creative imagination fits well with BLiSS trail providing an opportunity to attract folklore and dark sky fans.

Ceri says ” At night a new mysterious landscape with unknown inhabitants emerges. Who knows what the cows get up to. Their horns and hooves are bathed in moonshine and perhaps they feel a little more glamorous and alluring - ready to welcome all the creatures of the night to their meadow” 

Viewers may recognise some of the scenes on Moodnight Meadow, as Ceri used the distinctive topiary of Perthshire's Drummond Castle Gardens for inspiration.
Moodnight Meadow by Chelsea Rodger on the BLiSS trail, St Fillans on Loch Earn

Susan Stuart owner of Four Seasons Hotel (NB The Cowch belongs to LETi and the community though it is sited on the grounds belonging to Susan, opposite the hotel).

On Watch” painted by Scottish artist Chelsea Rodger can be seen under Things to Do and scrolling down to "BLiSS Trail of Art Installations.

1 October 2019

Community Council Elections


30 September 2019

New Festive committee members

The Festive Committee hopes that this year’s Festive Weekend was as enjoyable as in previous years.  The committee certainly enjoyed it and were very grateful to all the help and support given to us. As you know there is a degree of planning and organisation that is involved in its organisation and a commitment of time during the weekend for the committee.
After this year’s event some committee members felt it was time to stand down to allow for new committee members to bring new ideas to the planning and delivery of the Festive Weekend.
So, the committee would like to invite anyone who feels they are able to join us to get in touch and come along to one of our meetings to get a feel for how things work.
We hope that two - three people would wish to join the committee. This would give us 6 or7 members, a number that seems to work well and give a good breadth of ideas to work from.
So, if you are interested, please get in touch with one of the committee members and come along and join the fun!
Ruth Graham
Ulrike Hollas
Nick Jones
Pete Rickhuss   Tel No 281
Kind Regards,


10 June 2019

60th Brown Cup Scottish Schools Championships Loch Earn 8th – 10th June 2019

Brown Cup 1959 - 2019

The idea of widening sailing competition beyond club membership to local schools was the idea of Jack Brown, who was the Commodore of Loch Earn Sailing club from 1960-1962. LESC are very proud to have hosted this event for 60 years. This year Morag Donaldson, Jack Brown’s daughter was invited to present the prizes. It was great to hear her tell the sailors & parents at the prize giving that her father would be so proud to see how the event has evolved.

Brown Cup 2019

This year Brooks Macdonald returned for the second year as event sponsor. Lee Crowe represented the company at the event. Brooks Macdonald kindly provided rash vests with the Brooks MacDonald logo, Brown Cup logo & past winners for all the competitors. 

The event kicked off with a two day training camp. This year 37 sailors were coached by Becky Orr, Christine Wood, Tom Graham & Iain Duncan; all RYA qualified coaches and past Brown Cup sailors.

Monday morning dawned sunny with no wind and a none too favourable weather forecast.

It was clear 3 races would not be sailed. Race Officer Craig Moffett stayed patient and waited for a breeze to fill in and swing easterly which it eventually did. 78 competitors eagerly left the beach allowing the 60thBrown Cup to be sailed and decided on one race.

This year 3 fleets competed: Optimist, Topper & Handicap. Schools declare their three boat teams at registration. This year 14 School teams were competing for the Brown Cup.

Optimist results:

1st James Gifford Dundee High School
2nd Rory Gifford Dundee High School
3rd Ruaraidh Docherty St Mary’s PS Bannockburn (Top Primary School Sailor)

Topper results:

1st Tom Mitchell Dundee High School
2nd Morven Wood Bearsden Academy
3rd Eilidh McQueen Lomond School


1st Daniel Scott & Tom Irving 29er Arbroath High School
2nd Calum Bell Laser R Lomond School
3rd Christine Wood Laser R Lomond School

Brown Cup:

1st Tom Mitchell, James Gifford & Rory Gifford Dundee High School
2nd Eilidh McQueen, Calum Bell & Harris Cartwright Lomond School
3rd Morven Wood, Christine Wood & Euan Ferguson Bearsden Academy

From left to right Lee Crowe Brooks Macdonald (event sponsor) James Gifford, Tom Mitchell, Rory Gifford all Dundee High School & Morag Donaldson ( her father Jack Brown founded the event in 1959)

Colin Tait Loch Earn Sailing Club Sailing Secretary.


1 June 2019

St Fillans Playpark opened

After 8 years in the planning, the play park was finally opened on 1st June by Councillor Rhona Brock.










30 May 2019

Summer Solstice BBQ 22nd June


1 May 2019

Fibreoptic Broadband Update

Great news. All the houses in Manse Lane and just west of this to include Lake Cottage can now order a Fibre Broadband service. If you have an ADSL2+ router you'll need a new one. Your ISP will normally provide this. if you already have an ADSL2+ router that is compatible with FTTC/FTTP( VDSL) then you won't need a new router but will need to go through the setup again, usually through the wizard.

Estimated download speeds are up to 80Mb/sec.

Current OpenReach setup time is approx. 10 working days after acceptance of your order.


1 April 2019

Arran Brewery to sell 45% stake in Loch Earn operation

The Arran Brewery has announced plans to sell a 45% stake in its Loch Earn brewery, hotel and visitor centre. The spectacular Victorian former hotel is situated in the village of St Fillans, in Perthshire, at the east end of the Loch.

Read more (opens in new window)


24 February 2019

Loch Earn Railway Path Project Plans


Click the image above to view the Plans in a new window (pdf)

Page 1 shows phases 4, 5 and 6 (proposed)

Page 2 shows phases 1, 2 and 3 (completed)

For points of interest along the Railway Path click HERE to view in a new window.

Phase 4 is essentially finished with some tree planting still to take place.

A B Gairns Contractors Ltd


12 February 2019

The Core Paths Plan Review

The Core Paths Plan Consultation has now BEEN EXTENDED TO 5PM FRIDAY 26 APRIL 2019.
The Core Paths Plan outlines the network of Core Paths which provide the public with reasonable access throughout the National Park. More information is available on the National Park website about the difference between the paths network and the Core Paths system. 

The existing Core Paths Plan was adopted in 2010 but over the intervening years there have been various new paths created and upgrades to some existing paths that may now meet the criteria to be designated as Core Paths. There have also been realignments of some Core Paths and some paths that were included as Core Paths in the Plan that have not been created as had been previously envisaged. The purpose of the review is to ensure that the Plan continues to recognise the essential Core Paths that provide sufficient access throughout the National Park area.
Thanks to those who have already taken the time to review the proposed amendments to the Plan and submit a response to the consultation. It is very important for the Park to hear the views of all our partners, stakeholders, landowners, community members and anyone with an interest in access throughout the National Park. 

On behalf of Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park

5 February 2019

Departure of Rev Dr G. McWilliams, Minister of Comrie with Dundurn Parish Churches 

Many in the village already know, but for those who have yet to hear, Graham, our minister of almost 14 years, is leaving the charge of Comrie with Dundurn to continue his ministry with Fairlie linked with Largs, St Columba’s Parish Churches.

Graham will be preaching his last service in Dundurn on Sunday 24th February at 11.30am, with a united service of worship the following Sunday March 3rd in Comrie at 11am.

Our worship on the 24th Feb will be followed by a Soup & Sandwich lunch in the church at 12.30, and all who have been touched in any way by Graham’s ministry are invited.


27 January 2019

Thanks to all who contributed. The Hogmanay Evening raised £400 in aid of Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance Service.

The Tunnel Party raised £400 (£350 on the night and a subsequent donation of £50) for MND through the "My name'5 Doddie Foundation" in aid of those affected by MND and to fund research into the disease.

Please see the emails from both the charities below.


A huge thank you, Audrey!

We can't thank you enough for your donation of £400.00 made on 15th January, 2019! It will go a long way to help the everyday running of Scotland's Charity Air Ambulance (SCAA), helping to save and improve lives in Scotland.

Reason for donation: St Fillans villagers wanted any proceeds from our Hogmanay evening to be donated to SCAA, a service we all consider essential for remote areas in Scotland

Thanks again, 
Scotland's Charity Air Ambulance (SCAA)

Dear Audrey

My apologies for the delay in replying but I have just returned from an extended holiday in New Zealand. I am delighted to confirm receipt of the £400 donation from The St Fillians Krazy Gang. What a great story and serious of pictures. What is the history of the tunnels? I don't know St Fillians well but my father used to keep his boat up there while I ensured Scout Camp on the other / Ben Vorich side of Loch Earn. Not always fun.

The level of support and generosity people have shown Doddie since he shared his diagnosis has been humbling. This has meant a great deal to the Big Man and his family. The Trustees are now firmly focused on what we can do to help fund research and hopefully, one day, find a cure for MND. We also want to support fellow sufferers and push the need for research further up the agenda

Please keep an eye on our website’s News section for details of how we are investing our funds into research and to help those affected by MND. The Foundation got its Charitable status at the end of October '17 and we have to date funded or pledged £1.5m to various institutions and organisations

Doddie continues to show huge fortitude. I believe somebody said to him there are no drugs to help MND sufferers just positivity, which he has in bucket loads. Long may it continue.

The funds raised will help us achieve our goals. Thank you again for your support and encouragement; Doddie along with his family and Trustees are determined that together we will make a difference.

Kind regards

Jim Robertson

Treasurer -My Name'5 Doddie Foundation                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


26 January 2019

Burns Supper

Photos from Saturday night's Burns Supper


27 December 2018

Mince Pie Walk


20 December 2018

Bin Collection dates for 2019


19 December 2018

Fibreoptic Broadband Update

Great news. All the houses east of Dundurn Parish Church, from Kirklea to Clachnaba inclusive can now order a Fibre Broadband service. If you have an ADSL2+ router you'll need a new one. Your ISP will normally provide this. if you already have an ADSL2+ router that is compatible with FTTC/FTTP then you won't need a new router but will need to go through the setup again, usually through the wizard.

For those in Dundurn Walk, BT estimates download speeds of 35Mb/sec to 48.7Mb/sec. and upload speeds of 6.22Mb/sec to 8.37Mb/sec. The closer you are to the cabinet, the faster your speed will be.

Depending on your ISP you may be offered two speed options. 1. 40/10 and 2. 55/10. My own view is that, depending on your location, I would go with the 40/10 option in the first instance and see what speed you get. There is no point paying more for the faster option if that is not going to be obtainable.

Current OpenReach setup time is approx. 10 working days. Realistically, even if you order now, it'll be in early in January before it's installed. 

The next phase is from Lake Cottage to all houses in Manse Lane.



13 December 2018

Fibreoptic Broadband Update

Final tests are being carried out and Fibre broadband should be available in the next month to those properties from Kirklea to Clachnaba inclusive.

The next phase is from Lake Cottage to all houses in Manse Lane.



11 December 2018

Fibreoptic Broadband Update

The Fibreoptic Broadband Cabinet No 1, opposite Neish, is due to have power connected shortly. All the houses east of Dundurn Parish Church, from Kirklea to Clachnaba inclusive should hopefully have a fibre service available in the next 4 months.



29 November 2018

St Fillans Tunnel Party

Please RSVP - Richard at - so that we can gauge numbers.


21 November 2018

Announcing the St Fillans Hogmanay Party



11 November 2018

Service of Remembrance

The annual service of remembrance was held this morning, Sunday 11th November, at the Village War Memorial. Wreaths were laid by Councillor Stewart Donaldson and Norman Butter.


11 October 2018

Johnston Carmichael publishes independent review of Royal Bank of Scotland branches earmarked for closure

Read the full report HERE. Opens in a new window. Page down to page 36 for Comrie Branch.


10 October 2018


Lochearn Railway Path has made the final shortlist for the above award.

View in a new window


5 October 2018

BBC Countryfile Ramble

Thank you very much to everyone who supported the St Fillans Countryfile Ramble. We completed our walk yesterday in glorious sunshine with a wonderful turnout of villagers, around 30 of us including 8 children and 1 dog! 

So far our donation page has raised just under £300 which is fantastic, a couple of people asked how to donate yesterday so I'm attaching a link below should anyone else which to place a donation.

Following on from conversations yesterday a few of us are thinking of organising walks on a regular basis which villagers would be welcome to take part in, the first suggestion was a walk up Dundurn Hill.  If you would be interested in joining us on those walks, please let me know.

Super effort St Fillans, thanks again,



1 October 2018

St Fillans Music Circle

The St Fillans Music Circle Autumn Programme has now been published.

Click HERE to open in a new window.
You can also view the individual meetings under "Events"
St Fillans Music Circle meets every Tuesday afternoon during the Autumn and Spring terms in the Sandison Hall, St Fillans at 12:45 pm and starts with a light lunch and coffee.
Then the musical presentation runs from 1:30pm till 3:30pm with a short midway break.
We continue our aim of the sharing and appreciation of classical and other music through recordings, DVDs, invited speakers and the support of young musicians. Apart from a number of programmes given by our own members, we are fortunate to have some important musicians as guest speakers who provide stimulating presentations.
Interested in giving the Music Circle a try? Then please call:-
(Ch) John Light on 307 or (Tr) Malcolm Gregory 670493


1 October 2018

St Fillans' Scottish Country Dancing

The new Session of Scottish Country Dancing will start on Tuesday October 9th in the Sandison Hall.

Everyone will be given a warm welcome whether experienced dancers or complete beginners.
This is a relaxed, sociable, happy class....and fantastic exercise!
For a few weeks at the start of the term, instruction will be given in steps and formations at 7pm, with the regular class starting at 7.30 pm.  Experienced dancers will lend a helpful hand and encourage newcomers.....
so come along and "Trip the light fantastic" .
If you are tempted but not too sure you would enjoy learning these amazing dances have a trial run! 
The first night is free!!!
The session fee remains at £20 or £2.50 per well spent for a night of fun!
For more information ring Cathy on: 253.
Like many on "Strictly" who have previously never danced a step you may well find a hidden talent and become a professional!   
Looking forward to seeing you on the 9th.  HOOCH!!
Cathy Moncrieff

17 September 2018

Camping in the National Park Update

A handy overview of the figures on camping in May to August can be viewed in a new window HERE

Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park




10 September 2018

St Fillans Carpet Bowling Club as published in the Strathearn Herald.

St Fillans Carpet Bowling Club has donated £640 to Scotland's Charity Air Ambulance and Comrie First response.

The funding has come from the club's surplus funds. Once a popular pastime, with open competitions taking place between the many local clubs on the go, demand for the game has dwindled in recent years.

Ian Moncrieff of the club explained "Scottish Carpet Bowling in the west of Scotland has slowly lost it's competitive edge, replaced by many other distractions."

"St Fillans Bowling Club is no exception and struggles to keep the interest alive. So much so that the bowling club members recognise that the money held in the account lies dormant when no equipment or expense is needed.  As a result, club members have agreed to donate the sum of £640 equally to First Responce and Scotland's Charity Air ambulance."

Ian is hoping that the carpet bowling can be revived in the village one day. He added "The bowling club stores all the necessary equipment in waiting for the day when sufficient members are willing to come and play locally each Monday from October to March in the Sandison Hall. It's fun and you don't have to live in the village to play."

Those interested in having a game of bowls can call Ian on 253.


16 July 2018

Knotweed spraying at the east end of the village next to the Earn.


13 July 2018

Lady Hope

Today two members of the Garden Group started work to restore the floral display Sam created in memory of his late wife Sue.

Sam gave his permission for this work to be done as he is now not feeling able to do this himself.

There is still some work to be done before planting starts, but if anyone has a spare plant or cuttings which would work in the boat please contact Lorna.

Regards, Sheila


30 June 2018

Dundurn Church Coffee morning

Thanks to all who supported our 'Summer Coffee Mornings in Dundurn'. June found us outside enjoying the wonderful sunshine. Your generous donations will be added to out 'Little Church' collections and forwarded to a good cause in due course.


5 June 2018

Gardening Group

Once again, thank you to all the villagers who helped today. There was a excellent  turnout and we accomplished a great deal. A warm welcome to the new members of our group. 


3 June 2018


On Saturday the 9th of June, I will be participating in the Edinburgh Moonwalk. This is an overnight charity marathon raising funds for the fight against breast cancer. 

If anyone would be kind enough to sponsor me, no matter what the amount, you can do so in the following ways -

1. Online at -

2. I will put a sponsor form in the village shop.

All monies raised go to a very worthwhile charity, for an excellent cause and any donations are gratefully received.

Thanks you,

Richard Graham

Update 20 June 2018

I am delighted to say that I have raised £1400, which with Gift Aid is significantly more. Much of my sponsorship came from this village, with two extremely generous donations being made by villagers who wish to remain anonymous.

Thank you to all who sponsored me, no matter what the amount. I am very grateful for your support.  

With sincere thanks,



29 May 2018

Camping in the Park Update

A comprehensive update can be viewed in a new window HERE

A handy overview of the figures on camping in March and April can be viewed or printed in a pdf version HERE.

Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park



29 April 2018

The Great Loch Earn Boat Race

There were a small number of entrants this year, with only four boats being taken. The weather was good, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, particularly as the start and finish were so much improved. Thanks again to Brad and all at the Achray, to the sponsors Strathearn Gin and to the Festive Committee. 

St Fillans entered two boats, the Gents team (Richard, Johnathon, Mac and Bruce) named Zeroes Not Heroes and the ladies team (Carol, Louise, Katy and Pamela) named Mama Mia. The gents team won the event and the ladies won the veterans trophy. Significant funds were raised by both teams for MND Scotland and thank you to all who sponsored both boats.


24 April 2018

Gardening Group

Thank you to all the villagers who helped today to cut back the overgrowth on the shore at the East end of the loch and on the banks of the Earn adjacent to Liam's car park. Further clearing sessions will be arranged in the near future.


10 April 2018


The 2019 St Fillans Burns Supper will be held in The Sandison Hall on Saturday 26th January. Reception Drinks 7:00 pm for 7:25 pm.

Now that Easter had passed, it’s time to think about Burns Suppers!

The new organising group has started planning this bi-annual event, so please save the date. It will take place in the Sandison Hall on Saturday 26 January 2019 and is always a must-attend highlight of the village calendar.

Tickets will be on sale after the Festive Weekend on a first-come basis.

Russell, Alex, Frances, Dave.

The Top Table will be piped in at 7:30 pm prompt therefore guests must be seated by 7.25 pm.


28 March 2018

Guide Dogs for the Blind Association

Hi Folks,
Barney here, with a tale to tell and a tail to wag because of it.
Next month marks my 9th birthday, which means my last year of service duty begins, leading to demob when I must retire and give up my harness.
My actual birthday is April the 24th, which happens to coincide with the London marathon - the biggest and best in the world and a glorious opportunity for me to go out with a bang! Not that I will be running in it myself of course —too many lamp-posts to sniff in London!- but my Boss’s daughter, Kirsty, will be running for me.
Even when I’m off lead on daily walks on the hill paths and tracks around St Fillans with the Boss, I am always keeping a watchful eye on him.  I love the freedom in this Village and surrounding hills but I am so proud of the Harness uniform I wear when we take to the towns and cities, keeping the Gaffer on the straight and narrow, reminding him to visit the hostelry where our thirst is quenched and there’s always a biscuit treat in the right hand pocket! 
Kirsty will leave behind her Aberdeen Cafe for the Big Smoke with the full backing of “Guide Dogs for the Blind Association” wearing all their dress paraphernalia. After months of hard training - days, nights and weekends - she runs proudly in recognition of this fabulous charity and all the hundreds of puppy walkers, volunteers and Dog trainers who serve the thousands of Blind and Visually impaired Guide Dog owners all over the country.
Kirsty has personally seen the Love and devotion between her Dad and me and is eager to thank me and my brothers and sisters who give our all to our Custodians.
If you wish to help financially to train more wonderful Guide dogs me!!!!....who will give a much improved quality of life to a Blind or Visually impaired person, then please visit Kirsty’s Just Giving Page -
Many thanks from Barney WOOF WOOF

Update 21 July. Over £5940 raised so far.
















26 January 2018

Chargeable Garden Waste Collection Service

From 1st April 2018, householders who wish to recycle their garden waste in their brown bins will require a Garden Waste Permit.  The Council will be introducing the annual charge of £25 per bin (£30 from April 2019) for the collection of household garden waste from brown bins.  Food waste will continue to be collected from households through the brown bins free of charge. 

All households currently on the brown bin service should have been written to with information about how to arrange for a Garden Waste Permit.

Go to to order your permit.


17 January 2018

Transforming Surgical Services in Tayside

Proposals to transform surgical services across Tayside have been approved by Tayside NHS Board. View the Press release in a new window HERE.


15 January 2018

Local Development Plan 2

Perth & Kinross Council is consulting on the Proposed Local Development Plan 2 for the Perth and Kinross area. It's important to have your say on what's proposed in your area. 

Please view the video created by The Environment Service of Perth and Kinross Council which is a promotional video of the proposed Local Development Plan 2.  The video is to urge you to comment on the plan that may affect our area.

**The Period for Representation on the Proposed Local Development Plan has now closed**

Click HERE to view the video.


13 January 2018

21CN Upgrade to St Fillans Exhange

The St Fillans Telephone Exchange was upgraded yesterday to 21CN. This has more or less doubled our download and upload broadband speeds. Roll on fibreoptics.

21CN (21st Century Network) is a Next Generation Network (NGN) being deployed by British Telecom. The core aim of the project is to bring the UK's telecoms network in to the digital age.

The following are some of the key changes that 21CN will bring:

  • The national PSTN phone network will be moved on to a digital IP network - most of it has long ago. We're in the slow lane
  • The retirement of 16 existing legacy networks and the introduction of a single "multi-service" network
  • The national roll-out of ADSL2+, offering services at up to 19Mbps. ADSL2+ Annex M will also be deployed, offering upstream rates of up to 2.5Mbps
  • A complete overhaul of the broadband services offered. A range of new configurable QoS (Quality of Service) products will be made available.

21CN (ADSL2+) has a Maximum speed of 19Mbps. 21CN is a pre-requisite for Fibreoptic based Superfast Broadband - FTTC or FTTP (Fibre to the Cabinet or to the Premises respectively).

Jim says "It's progress towards fibre; that's us now with the layer 3 switch needed for modern fibre stuff."


3 November 2017

Official Opening of Phase 3 of the Loch Earn Railway Path

Phase 3 of the Loch Earn Railway Path was opened by Cecil Smylie (Chair, St Fillans Community Trust) on the afternnon of 3rd November 2017.

This was followed by an optional walk or cycle to the ‘Crocodile’ and back

and then Tea/Coffee/Biscuits at the Four Seasons Hotel.                                                 


13 0ctober  2017

The Commemorative Cairn

A Cairn to commemorate the 200th Anniversary of the renaming of St Fillans in 1817 has been built at the 69818 24417 grid reference (top of Station Road). At 18:17 hrs exactly, the first stone was laid by our oldest resident Professor John Forty and the second by one of our youngest Villagers, Evie Allen.

The Cairn was successfully completed on the 7th October by a host of villagers and includes a Time Capsule containing the St Fillans Guide, copies of the August & September “Villagers” both of which featured the Festive Weekend activities, John Forty's  "Life in the Village", a Memory Stick with downloads from the village Website, a Letter from an Eye-Witness (now living in Wales) to Queen Wilhelmina's visit in 1932 and Dave's reply thereto, the Festive Weekend Wine Label, a Golf Club Scorecard and the Village Telephone Directory.


25 September 2017

Loch Earn Railway Path Project Plans


Click the image above to view the Plans in a new window (pdf)

Page 1 shows phases 4, 5 and 6 (proposed)

Page 2 shows phases 1, 2 and 3 (completed)

For points of interest along the Railway Path click HERE to view in a new window.


30 July 2017

Loch Earn Railway Path

A total of 8,712 people have used our completed phase 2 section of the path in its first year! Our counter tells us the number of walkers was 6,377 and 2,335 cyclists. Phase 3 is now finished. 


20 June 2017

Community Action Plan

You can view the Community Action Plan 2017 - 2022 in a new window HERE,

The Delivery Plan HERE and

The One Year Plan HERE

The Community Action Plan Survey results can be downloaded as a Powerpoint presentation HERE




20 June 2017

Drover's Bho Sculpture Unveiled on

BLiSS trail at Sustrans Cycle RT7 Strathyre 

A sculpture of a highland drover's cow, has been set on Sustrans cycle RT7 in Strathyre by the Loch Earn Tourism Information (LETi) group to celebrate Scotland's Year of History Heritage and Archaeology on the award winning BLiSS trail. 

Drover's Bho by Kev Paxton of ArtFe blacksmiths is the latest addition to the regional Scottish Thistle Award Winning BLiSS trail that links Balquhidder. Lochearnhead, Strathyre and St Fillans villages with eye catching art installations. View More in new window.

See also our 'Things to Do' page for more about BLiSS.


22 May 2017

Phase 3 of Railway Path

Thank you all for your patience and understanding while the latest section of the Railway Path is being constructed - we appreciate that the noise has been more of a nuisance than was expected. For various reasons, this section has been quite challenging but hopefully the worst is over!

We are hoping that the tunnel will soon be unlocked so that work can move more easily westwards along the track. As this is a live construction site, for health & safety reasons, please try to keep away from the area.

The route has been well cleared for long term safety and maintenance reasons and the cuttings & rock-faces have been thoroughly checked for any potential danger.

The route has also been cleared to a width, where possible, to allow for an 'equine grass strip' to run alongside the actual path. This is part of an incentive within the National Park Authority and Sustrans, to encourage further users to enjoy a safe and traffic free environment.


Please note; work will also soon be starting on one of the main access paths from the village to the Railway Path. This will run as a whin dust track from the end of Shoemakers Lane to the Football Playing Field, with a whin dust footpath branching off and zig-zagging up the embankment on to the Railway Path. (This path is also designed to be a direct link to the new Play Park, from both the village and the Railway Path.)

Click HERE to view a location plan for this phase.

Best regards,

Geoff Carter


10 March 2017

Fibreoptic Broadband in St Fillans

As you can see there is still some way to go. This schematic will be updated as progress is made.


22 December 2016

A Household Waste Recycling Centre Permit System was introduced at all Perth & Kinross Recycling Centres from January 2017.

Household Waste Recycling Permits click HERE


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