Project Smok

Project Smok
Project SmokMay 11th | Comrie White Church

Project Smok Saturday May 11th 
with support from Karys Watt and David Macfarlane

Award-winning musicians Ali Levack (Pipes & Whistles), Pablo Lafuente (Guitar) and Ewan Baird (Bodhrán).

Really I could write a whole blurb about Project Smok - about how they are three of the most exciting musicians to have arrived on the scene in recent years and how their youth brings a passion and a fearlessness that makes their music so exciting and yet so mature and moving.  I could say that you're unlikey to hear anything quite like them anywhere, and that they are on an upward trajectory which means they won't be playing village halls for long - so take this chance while you can.  

I could also say that Karys Watt and David Macfarlane from the band Tunna deserve a headline slot in their own right, and that such a double header of music is a unique opportunity that you can only hear in Comrie. The music, combined with the atmosphere, the White Church ambience and the village hall vibe (and our extremely good value bar) means we're offering you a feel very good gig that you should really try hard to get to. But I won't write any more of that. Just come along and hear for yourselves.

You can get tickets in Comrie from Hansen's Kitchen, the Comrie Post Office and from the blue button below.  Check out the facebook video link below, and there's also a YouTube for you to look at with a whole different vibe.  I tell you - they are amazing musicians!

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