Buddha Bodies for everybody

Buddha Bodies for everybody
Buddha Bodies for everybodyJun 1st - Jun 6th | Zoom video conferencing

Hi Buddha Buddies. 

I hope you’re all continuing to stay safe and well during these times and enjoying the great weather!

During the lockdown, your local Buddha Bodies Yoga is delivering classes online via Zoom.  I’m also pleased to continue to provide these completely free of charge to everybody.

Since making the temporary switch online from the Sandison Hall, over 250 people have joined in.  Local villagers together with their extended household and distant family & friends have been able to stay connected through the joy of Yoga.  Thank you all for your participation. 

These special 30-40 min classes are truly for everybody - beginners, all ages, all abilities and from anywhere in the world.  Everybody is encouraged to use what they have to do what they can, with my personal guidance & demonstration of every pose & stretch.

So, if you’ve exhausted your DIY & gardening skills, caught up with your must watch boxed sets, mastered your signature bakes or maybe just want to give Yoga a try - here’s how you can.

Visit www.buddhabodies.co.uk

where you can easily reserve your space on a free class.  They’re available 6pm Monday, 10am Thursday & 10am Saturday.  You can join as many classes as you like!

Feel free to drop me an email if you’ve any questions to


I look forward to seeing you soon. 

Simply download Zoom here, book a class via the website here and I’ll send the invitation link and guide you from there. 

Stay safe and well. 

Namaste, Pamela ­čÖĆ  


This week's classes are on

Monday at 6:00pm,

Thursday at 10:00am and

Saturday at 10:00am.