Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night
Bonfire NightNov 2nd | Playing Field St Fillans

Bonfire Night will be held in the St Fillans playing field on Friday 2nd November 2018.

Come along and enjoy the annual fireworks display. All donations towards the cost of food, drink and fireworks will be welcomed.

Bruce Montgomery

The marquee will open at 6:40pm with the bonfire lit at 7:00 pm and the fireworks display starting around 7:30 pm at the latest. Please note, no food or drink will be served during the fireworks display.

Please, for safety reasons, do not bring any of your own fireworks or sparklers to the display, but bring along some change as the normal “bucket collection” will be made to help defray some of the costs which are being borne by The St Fillans Community Trust. 

This year we would like to have a competition for construction of a Guy/Girl/Beastie/Monster. The winning entry will take pride of place on top of the Bonfire and runners up will be placed round it's perimeter.

Entries should be handed in by 12 noon on Sunday 28 October to the Village Shop where they will be displayed until Bonfire Night.

It will be helpful if every entry was labelled with it’s "name" and who entered it. A family can enter more than one.

The winner will be chosen on the basis of positive comment made by Customers to the Shop.
There will of course be a prize for the Winning Entry.

The Bonfire

If adding wood, please leave near the bonfire site, not on the actual site.

Please DO NOT block the 4 entry channels.